I have driven for Uber and Lyft now for over 4 years.  That’s over 11,000 rides and 180,000 miles on my, once new, 2014 Hundai Elantra GT! . . . . an average of 180 miles each day I have driven in Santa Barbara and now San Diego.

So I have learned, it’s a little bit of an art to make the customer feel comfortable.  At first, I had this predictable script I would go thru when they entered my car.  It went something like . . .Me:  “Hey, welcome, welcome, welcome!  What are you up to today?Customer:  “not much”Me:  Oh, well do you like music”?Customer:  Yeah, OK.Me:  Well, I am going to put some music on, and if you don’t like what I am playing – Please, Please, . . . . let me know.Then, the rest of the ride, whether it was 1 minute or 1 hour, I said pretty much nothing because I was afraid to be a nuisance to the customer.



Well, since my wife passed away, I have made it a point to risk taking the initiative in conversations, even with someone I may only be with for 5 minutes and never see again.I just want to connect and try and help both our days to be better.So, since I am somewhat of an idea guy and I like games and music, I am now able to give the rideshare customer some options when they get in my car!

I now can say – OK, What would you like:UberCashCab?UberPoolKaraoke?UberPoolDancing?or: not now please!

OK, you chose to go for real, authentic, make-believe cash!  First, I am going to get you to your destination safely.  Speak up if you have any concerns.  OK?Now, we will go head to head with trivia, I will start with San Diego trivia and the bet is $1,000.  If you get the answer – it’s $1,000 in totally authentic make believe cash!  Then you give me one for double or nothing!




Videos will be coming – stay tuned!