Our Activity Guide for the San Diego Area

I am the Facebook Administrator to Facebook.com/KissingStatue.   This giant statue of the most iconic photo taken of the 20th Century, is one of my favorite places to go in San Diego.  It is located by the Midway Museum and The Bob Hope Memorial on Tuna Island. 

While you are there, make sure you get someone to take your picture doing the “Dip and Kiss”.  Then just pause, remember and celebrate the bravery of our heros from WWII who gave us the Freedom that we . . .  as well as the folks in Germany, Japan, and Europe . . .  enjoy today!

SanDiego.org – Things to Do!


San Diego Reader is a Free Publication you can pick up at just about any supermarket in San Diego.  These guys have been great to me personally as they have done articles on some of my crazy big ideas.  Here is their page to see up to the minute events now going on in San Diego:

San Diego Reader – Things to See and Do in San Diego


I am proud to say that I live in neighboring Tijuana, Mexico! – So, of course, I have to give you a link to the most up-to-date site with all the happenings of Tijuana:  SoyTJ.com

Thank you Damian and Soco for your help and encouragement!



For Tickets to Concerts and Events . . .Check Out: